Twinkle Class doing a posture check

        Book 1 class doing bow games

Group Lessons

Violin and Viola Group Lessons are not only extremely important, they are also lots of fun.  Basically we reinforce what is being taught in the private lessons but it is much more entertaining because we are doing it with our friends!  Often we include new exercises and material that is not covered in the private lesson simply because there is not time to do everything.  Note-reading, Music Theory and Ensemble playing receive special emphasis.  Here are a few important reasons to attend group lessons:

  • Socialize with other students
  • Learn to play in tune, and in rhythm with other string players
  • Learn to follow the leader in a group
  • Learn to be the leader in the group
  • Learn music theory
  • Practice note-reading and sight-reading
  • Review pieces for performances
  • Learn to be supportive, respectful and cooperative
  • Get motivated by watching, listening and playing with other students!
  • Play games and eat treats

            Advanced Ensemble warming up

Group Times

Violin Group Lessons are held on specifically scheduled Saturday mornings.

See the Calendar for dates.

Here are the current times:

8:30-Twinkle class  45 minutes

9:15-Book 1-2         45 minutes

10:00-B00k 3-4-5    60 minutes

11:00-Advanced Ensemble

The Advanced Ensemble is a lesson and rehearsal for advanced students.

‚ÄčIt lasts for 90 minutes.

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