tuition and fees

For your monthly tuition you will receive at least three private lessons and one group lesson. Occasionally there will be four private lessons and no group lesson or two group lessons and three private lessons.  In any case the tuition is fixed at the following prices.

Monthly Tuition is as follows:

30 minutes-$95.00

45 minutes-$120

60 minutes-$160

Tuition is due the first week of the month.  You may pay with cash, personal check, or bank check sent directly from your bank to my address.

Other fees throughout the year are as follows:
  • Suzuki Association of Utah Affiliate Membership is a $30.00 annual fee.
  • The Federation Festival fee in February is $13.00
  • Accompanist fees:  You pay your accompanist directly when she rehearses with you for a performance.  This fee is relative to the level of your student, meaning the more advanced the student, the higher the fee.  Generally the fee is between $20 to $50.  We have two or three solo recitals per year when this fee will come up, usually March, May or June and September or October.
  • Christmas vests for our December concert are $20.  Christmas books are $10.

If you would like to mail in tuition please send to:

Ruth Godfrey

1210 Brekenridge Drive

Salt Lake City, UT  84117

There may be a small tuition increase in September of odd numbered years.

In Salt Lake City